6 Useful New Tips To Grow On Instagram In 2021

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Hey everyone today in this article i’m talking to you all about how to grow on instagram in 2021. The first two tips i’m going to share are probably the most important and they are reflective of a major layout change that has just rolled out to instagram at time of record in 2021.

I think this is probably the biggest change that instagram has rolled out since maybe the change to the chronological feed, if anyone can remember that then i think still people are still quite sure about that, but it is a major layout change what’s happened is instagram has moved the shortcuts that were once, a shortcut to adding a new post and a shortcut to your notifications they have replaced these with a shortcut to the reels feed and a shortcut to instagram shopping now this shows us where instagram’s priorities.

Where they are focusing their time and attention and what kind of content they are putting their weight behind, yes they want people to be creating and engaging with instagram reels and they want people to be selling their products through their e-commerce offering, instagram shopping now while you may not like this , a lot of people have been very divided about the future and the direction that instagram is going in if you want to be successful on instagram in 2021.

It’s about working with instagram and working with the new features that they’re adding and trying to not completely change your. Strategy 100 but making the most of these new features and seeing how you can actually capitalize on them and make the most of them think of them as opportunities rather than hurdles.

1. Post More Reels

Instagram reels feed shortcut is now front and center of your layout on instagram and that means that instagram is putting a lot of weight behind instagram reels, they really want this to be a really important part of the instagram experience they want people to be creating content there they want people to be engaging with the reels content and so the best thing that you can do as a business owner as a content creator on instagram is to create more reels

If you’re a product-based business you could share behind the scenes of your product being made, you can share a tour of the factory or the studio or the workshop where you work, you can share a time lapse of a product being packaged up, you could share a time lapse of all of your different products that you are launching in the next quarter if you’re a service based business you could share educational content, sharing advice to help your dream client overcome their struggles and pain points you could introduce your team even if that is just you wearing loads of different hats you could or share a funny instagram reel about one of the biggest issues you see your customer or client face and how to overcome that you can share almost any kind of real and if you want any words of encouragement.

2. Set Up Instagram Shopping

Set up instagram shopping now this is particularly relevant if you are a product-based business right now you can’t actually set up a shop if you just have digital products but i have a feeling that that may change with time so let’s just keep an eye on instagram shopping in 2021, but if you sell physical products and you meet instagram’s eligibility requirements which most product-based businesses should do then you are eligible to set up a shop for your instagram account for your business and why not do it you absolutely can now that there is a shortcut to instagram shopping you should definitely make the most of it.

Now what i will say here one big caveat is that if you are a product-based business then setting up instagram shopping and thinking great job done now i’m going to get the sales in that isn’t how it works, you still need to make sure that you have a really robust content marketing strategy on instagram you still want to be making sure that you are sharing content that tells the whole story of your brand and that educates entertains and inspires your community, you can’t just have your instagram account being a billboard promoting your products and think that that is going to actually get you more customers.

It’s about setting up instagram shopping and having a really robust content marketing strategy and having both of those things to grow your instagram account and to start converting followers into that.

3. Most More Videos

Post more video generally now i know we touched on instagram reels but there are other video formats you can use instagram live igtv there is of course stories though i think you should be sharing stories anyway as part of a really good instagram strategy but pick one of those formats that feels good to you and create more video content on there whether it is reals, whether it is live, whether it is igtv, you don’t have to be everywhere but you should be creating video content on one of them and sharing video content fairly consistently.

Video is the quickest and easiest way to build intimate relationships with your community it’s also the easiest way to share education share more info about your products and services and actually get to know your community better is the fastest way to accelerate that no like and trust factor it’s much easier to do that in a way that isn’t so easy and fast with just static imagery, so i really really recommend that you have video as a really core part of your strategy.

4. Post a Diversity of Content

Post a diversity of content as i touched on earlier no instagram account, no matter what kind of business you are or if you are a content creator no instagram account should be there solely to act as a billboard promoting services and products you have to think about how to cater to the psychology of an instagram user think about how you as an everyday civilian uses the platform you go there for a variety of reasons to laugh, to learn and to be inspired so the more you can cater to these desires of your audience the more likely you will be to attract people to your instagram account and the more likely you will be to grow.

How do you cater to these different desires? Well you think about your instagram account your business your brand holistically, how can you educate your community, how can you inspire them, how can you entertain them with your content and your unique point of view.

5. Track Insights Closely

Track your instagram insights really closely if you are not doing this then you will not know what your audience wants and you also will be reinventing the wheel every single month when it comes to content planning the best fastest way to know what your audience wants and to create content that is going to continue to resonate with them and therefore continue to increase your engagement rate on instagram is to have a look at your insights.

Set to music do more of what is working because your community your followers are telling you what they like, so do more of that ride on the wave of your success and continue to give your community what they want.

6. Post Less Smart Way

Same way so tip number five is hopefully music to your ears post less in 2021 it’s much more important that you are posting less content but making that content as good as it possibly can be, you definitely do not need to be posting multiple times a day there’s no need to the way that the instagram algorithm works as well it’s likely that a lot of your content won’t be getting seen by your audience if you are pumping out post after post.

I recommend aiming for three posts a week three main feed posts a week bearing in mind that your reels can now act as one of those main feed posts because you can share an instagram reel to your main feed so just aim for three posts a week and make sure that every single post is really high quality and is really purposeful you know exactly why you’re sharing it and if you supplement those three main feed posts a week with instagram stories more regularly maybe four or five times a week and maybe one instagram live a week you are on track for a really really great instagram strategy.

I hope this tips was helpful to you, if you have any questions related to this article then do let us know in the comments section below also if you have other tips that you are following to grow on Instagram in 2021 then feel free to drop them below, until then keep reading 🙂

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