Top 5 Tips to increase views on Instagram Stories in 2021

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The more structured you can make your instagram stories the more likely you are going to keep people hooked on your story from the beginning right through to the end and when you do that when you keep people engaged on your instagram stories that tells the instagram algorithm that your content is valuable and it pushes you further up the story feed for your followers. In post i am talk all about how you can increase views on your instagram stories.

1. Use Subtitles or Summery Text

Make sure that any stories you are uploading where you are speaking face to camera are subtitled now if you do want to use an app that subtitles your stories then you can download the app threads by instagram this is a recent app which will actually subtitle what you’re saying on stories word for word, me personally i don’t actually like to subtitle every single word i say because frankly there are some words i say sometimes i um sometimes there are and i don’t want every single word to be subtitled and i don’t think that’s necessary all the time, so most of the time i actually prefer to just film my instagram stories and any shots or videos where i’m talking face to camera i will then just before i upload the story i will go in and just add one or two sentences that summarize what it is i’m saying what are the key points that i want people to take away from me speaking face to camera that is all you need it doesn’t need to be word for word, but just give people context so that they know what’s going on and they stay tuned to keep watching the entirety of that story.

2. Make it Short and sweet

When you are creating a Instagram stories try to keep it because short research came out last year in 2019 that actually found that the optimum length for an instagram story is six slides can you believe that six slides i actually couldn’t believe that and actually it’s funny that i couldn’t believe it because i know from my own personal experience anecdotally that i don’t love to watch loads and loads of slides in a story i don’t know if you’ve ever had it but, if you open up somebody’s instagram story and the dashes along the top of that story that show how much content is it within that story. If those dashes are dots i.e there’s a lot of content within that story, i personally want to swipe away and i’m certainly not going to stay tuned throughout that entire story because it’s just too much content it’s too overwhelming and clearly that is the case for lots of other people because this research has shown that short stories are best so if you can keep your stories short and succinct if you find that you are needing to use loads of individual slides to tell your story and to get your point across it probably means that you could afford to be a bit more succinct and get to the point much more and definitely don’t leave your juicy tips or the juicy takeaway of that story right to the end of a really long story, because most people aren’t going to get there you’ll always have drop off with views that is normal that is natural but the shorter you can keep your instagram stories the more likely you will keep people hooked throughout.

3. Structured Your Stores

This one is very important tips is to make sure that your instagram stories are structured they should be structured like a story like any good book film fairy tale your stories should have a beginning a middle and an end now you might be sitting there thinking, what do you mean when you say a beginning a middle and an end and i really don’t want you to overthink this it is as simple as just structuring your stories so that they have a bit of a narrative arc, you should tell as story has meaning and in a star from beginning to end from that everyone would able to understand.

4. Beginning is important

Make the beginning of your instagram story really juicy now when i say juicy i just mean make it captivating make it attention grabbing again you have to remember that when people are swiping through their instagram stories a lot of people are fairly sedated i like to call them the sedated swipers because depending on where you fall in the feed of their instagram stories you may be the sixth or seventh or eighth story in their feed they are going to be sedated they’re going to be swiping through and they’re just going to be letting content wash over them, if you want people to sit up and listen and really take note of the story that you are sharing then grab their attention make the beginning of your story juicy ask a question make a controversial statement that relates to the rest of the story or include an interactive sticker at the beginning of your story, to get people’s buy-in and get them interacting really early on so that they’re more likely to want to continue watching the story because they have had that interactivity they’ve had that involvement right from the beginning.

5. Take advantage of stickers

You should take advantage of every opportunity and in this case make the most of instagram stories stickers the pole sticker the question sticker the quiz sticker the dm sticker these are all your secret weapons and you may have been using them from time to time already but i really want you to start using them fairly often as often as you can without overwhelming people and using them really strategically so next time you go to plan an instagram story or you go to upload an instagram story think about how you can include a poll sticker a question sticker a quiz sticker think about how you can include that within your story so that you can increase interactivity, so that you can get your community you can get your followers involved in the story early on and therefore increase the retention rate increase the percentage of people that start watching your stories and stick around right through to the end.

i hope you this tips was useful to you, let us know what do you think of instagram stories and how often you post on your instagram lastly don’t forget to read 5 Tips To Get More Views On Instagram Reels in 2021

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