5 Tips To Get More Views On Instagram Reels in 2021

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Hey everyone today I am going to share with you some juicy tips to help make your instagram reels go viral, i can’t promise virality i’m not a magician but i can give you some advice to help you create instagram reels that are as engaging and are as great as they possibly can be to give you the best shot of seeing really great results.

if you feel confident with instagram reels maybe you’ve created your first few reels or maybe you’ve just created one but you want to know what are the juicy top tips to make sure that you are creating every instagram reel and making it as good as it possibly can be then this article can be very useful for you.

1. Look To Others For Inspiration

You don’t have to be the most original person on instagram reels in fact it would be smarter if you had a look at what is already performing well for others, other content creators in your space, other niches and industries that are not related to your own to see what music is performing well for them to see what style of real is doing really well and the way that you’ll find this out is if you just spend a bit of time inside of instagram reels inside the feed having a little bit of a look, set a timer if you don’t want to get completely sucked in and look up and see that an hour has gone by but spend a bit of time inside the reels feed seeing what’s working for other people these reels are being featured in the feed for a few reasons one of which is that instagram is showing you reels based on topics that it thinks you enjoy and like and engage with, but it will also be showing you some reels in there that are featured that are doing particularly well that it is pushing to more people so keep an eye on what those reels are make a note of music you like that you could use for your reels.

if you see a really great educational wheel from someone completely random but you think oh i like the style of that reel, i like the music they used, i like the way they moved or i liked the transitions then you can apply all of these same principles to your own content this isn’t about imitating anyone else but it is about seeing what’s working for other people and applying those principles to your own content.

2. Make Your Reels As Short

The maximum limit of an instagram reel is 1 Minutes and sometimes an instagram reel will call for that length because you’re sharing an educational reel or maybe there’s just so much information in your reel that actually you need a slightly longer length of time but if you can pack value into let’s say a five or seven second reel then what is going to happen is people are going to want to re-watch it, maybe once maybe a couple of times to catch what it was you said or what the text was in the real, they’re going to want to rewatch it a few times to make sure that they did understand and get everything it was that you were saying in that reel and the benefit of that is that every single time somebody re-watches a reel that counts as another view for you so that is the great thing about keeping them short and sweet it’s going to encourage, re-watches every single re-watch counts as a view.

3. Juicy Hook At The Beginning

Make sure your reel has a juicy hook a juicy beginning, this is the same for any kind of video content you ever share it’s the same for youtube content it’s the same for instagram lives or igtvs but you want to make that beginning bit of your reel super super juicy so how do you do that? well you could start by having a crazy facial expression or you could start by opening the reel with a controversial statement or a question or you could make sure that you have a transition early on in your real in the.

First couple of seconds and when i say transition i mean an outfit change or a scene change or a prop being introduced into the reel you want to make sure that happens early on the reason you want to have a juicy opening is because, you want to keep people hooked if it takes time for your wheel to get going people are going to swipe away, they’re not going to stay watching people have the attention span of gnats. We know this the attention span of most people is really really small so you want to grab people’s attention as soon as you can and like i said there’s a few different ways you can do this but just make sure you’re hooking them in very very early on.

4. Have Transition

This following on from tip number three is to include some transitions now transitions can come in a few different forms you can have scene changes you could have outfit, changes you can have props there’s a few ways you can do transitions you could just be moving around the room and kind of transitioning using effects from clip to clip but the benefit of transitions again it just comes back to keeping people engaged, if you are going to be standing in the same position delivering a real talking face to camera for 30 seconds that’s unlikely to keep people hooked unless you’re saying something really really juicy people are likely going to swipe away because it’s not engaging enough it’s not diverse enough people want to see changes they want to see fun.

Transitions so think about how you can factor those in when you are brainstorming your real ideas and when you are scripting out what they look like, these transitions don’t have to be super complicated it can be as simple as you filming very similar clips or the same clip but you in different outfits but just something that is going to catch the eye and keep people hooked is a really, really important way to keep people watching that reel and re-watching it and to increase the reach of that reel.

5. Text in the right place

Make sure you are keeping text in the right place on your instagram reel instagram reels are the same size as instagram stories 9 to 16 dimensions, they are the same dimensions as a story however most people when they first watch your instagram reel won’t be watching it inside the instagram real feed and what that means is they won’t be watching it in its full dimensions instead they’ll be scrolling down their main feed and that’s when they’ll first see your reel and in the main feed reels are cut off they are shown a preview, of four to five and what that means is that if your text is located on your reel at the top or at the bottom towards the bottom of the reel, it’s going to get cut off when people are watching the preview of it and that means that they may be missing context they won’t fully understand what the reel is about and again it’s going to hurt your views and your retention rate on that reel.

Now a little hack that i like to use to check that your text is in the right place is if you save your instagram reel down to your photo gallery with the text added now what you do is you open up instagram and you go to add a normal post a normal standard image or text graphic to your instagram main feed just as you’re about to select what image you want you can select your instagram reel and it will show you a preview of that reel in the right dimensions in the same dimensions as it is going to show that reel on people’s main feed and this is where you can do a quick check to see if the text is in the right place, if it is fantastic that reel is good to go if it isn’t you can go back and edit that reel and move the text around but that’s a handy little hack just to check whether the text is in the right place.

That’s all for today i really hope you enjoyed this useful tips and i hope that you made a note of these top five instagram reels tips to help you create instagram reels that are much more engaging and you never know they might make you go viral.

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