4 Powerful Ways to Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Audience

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In today article i am going to share with you top 4 different ways that you could go ahead and build a stronger relationship with your audience. If you are going ahead and you’re selling a product a service if you’re selling video courses ebooks any kind of business online you probably want to go ahead and build a relationship with your customers or your audience and by doing so by building that relationship with your customers or audience it allows you to connect deeper and with a deeper connection they trust you more and when they trust you more they’re more likely to open up their wallet so how is it that you go ahead and build this deep relationship or build this trust.

1. Sharing inside Things

Sharing something personal when you go ahead and share something personal you’re really opening up to your customer so think of it like back in grade school or even in today’s world where you have a friend and when you have a friend how is it that they’ve become your friend it’s by sharing stories it’s by sharing experiences sharing moments that are a little bit more personal by opening up and you know what’s happened in that bubble in their bubble and in your bubble and by sharing those experiences it allowed them to trust you more, because they are private moments not necessarily that they’re fully private but the point is is that not everybody knows those stories and that’s what creates a deeper relationship is that the exclusivity that you have to that connection of that person and now therefore they trust you it’s in the same way where, if you go ahead and ask for carpet cleaning services recommendations you might trust your friend much more so than the reviews you see online.

Simply because you know you have a deeper relationship you’re more connected so you might put way more weight or trust in that person, so that’s one way to go ahead and do it so as far as the business is concerned, how do you do this in your blog or in your videos or your content or in your email marketing it’s by sharing some personal stories for example maybe something you’ve done with your kids, maybe an experience you’ve had now you may not want to go that deep you may not want to share those that depth or that level of depth of your personal life you could also share personal stories, within your business personal successes within your business and that way it still gives somewhat of a connection.

i understand some people are more private in their business world especially with the online these days and that’s totally understandable but if you can go ahead and give people an insight especially people that are on your newsletter list or maybe watching your videos or maybe that are connecting in the sales page, in the sales page you might get more personal and that could help lead and build a relationship further.

2. Customer Stories

Sharing your customer stories if you don’t want to go ahead and share your personal stories another way that you could go about it let’s say you’re more private is by sharing customer stories so if you have a story from a customer success you could go ahead and share their stories, share what happened the experience the struggle that they had and now it gives a glimpse and insight of again a deeper a connection an experience that you’ve had that you’re sharing with your audience that’s listening so, that’s a great way to kind of also connect.

If you are a little bit more private by sharing customer stories and if your customer is also private you could go ahead and you know talk about it in a generic form like a generic company name for them and also change their personal or private name so again you don’t have to go ahead and reference them specifically again especially if they didn’t want you to use their name or their company name, that’s totally understandable.

i have some people like that that i’ve worked with that are just much more private and in that case you know you could just go ahead and change the name for example in some cases, where in the news channel names are changed for privacy reasons so you could go ahead and do that along with you know the business just talk about it in generic ways such as this carpet cleaning business or this book project that we worked on rather than a specific book title or book name or author name, so that’s another way of going about it.

3. Testimonials

The third way of going out and kind of building that relationship is to have social proof and testimonials that’s also another great way because again you’re getting deeper into the relationship as you can see if you can get deeper into the relationship all of a sudden it creates that stronger bond now you might not want to share too many personal stories maybe your clients don’t wanna and they don’t want you to share their stories but maybe they’re willing to give you a testimonial whether it’s a written form but if you can get a video form a testimonial that’s even better more power to you so that’s kind of fantastic and it’s it’s a great way to have that social proof as well, so by having testimonials from social media by having testimonials from that that are recorded by your customer that really just gives that extra social proof to your either sales pages email marketing that you’re doing social media marketing any kind of product launches that you’re doing it’s going to give you a lot more power in building that relationship.

4. Feedback

If you have a youtube channel or social media account where you post videos or normal social media page where you post pictures then reply to they comments made by the visitors follower. If you are running a blog then you can reply to their queries that have and make sure your blog comment option is on so they can share their important opinion also if they got an issue they could leave a comment as well.

If you are replying to there comments then the customer, audiences will get benefits at the same time when they are getting benefits from you they are most likely to get connect with you more this can be by social media accounts or just by email. So is important to reply to there feedback and understand.

I hope this gives you some insight some tips and ideas to going out and maybe gathering a little bit more strength within your audience and relationship building. If you have any other questions then do let us know in the comments section below also you as viewers what do you think what can creator do to get connect more with the audience.

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