How to Create a Blog Network that Makes Money in 2021?

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Today in this article i am going to share with you how to create a blog network that makes you money, so if you’ve thought about making one blog business or website i’m going to share with you how to approach it when you go to two three four or maybe many more and how to make it and work together.

When came to blogging lot of people are interested in building a blog but when they build a blog they don’t necessarily think about planning it out much further or later they look at the things very close up kind of seeing the trees but not the whole forest, so when we plan things out we don’t always look deeper or further or on a longer time horizon that’s what i want to open your mind today and discuss more on it which can very use to you.

When people look at planning out a blog business they kind of just look at it and say hey how about i just look at making a blog and then i’m trying to make money with the blog and yeah that’s a good approach from the beginning it’s a starting point but it’s not necessarily digging deeper and that’s kind of some of the things that we talk about in this course because, what a lot of people do is they have that one mindset hey if that blog i’m doing it and doing it and maybe if it works maybe it doesn’t but, if you think about it like a series like a business that has multiple components just like you you might have you know two hands two legs you’ve got multiple things, working together making it happen right so in a blog business we’re doing the same kind of thing.

if you look at it more like a network as far as a blog business goes so you might look at it not just as a single blog approach but let’s say we’re taking a look at a photography based business you might have a one website or one blog where i’m looking at reviews of photography dog or fee equipment okay so you got some photography equipment here and that’s kind of more like a shopping based site because somebody’s more interested in hey i want to go and shop i’m looking for reviews so that we’re kind of ready to shop

If you want to create blog network then you might have another type of blog where someone looking for tutorials okay on the blog so now i’ve got this secondary one where people are interested in maybe more earning about how to take the right pictures how to deal with photography and that kind of thing how is the skill sets they need to build or even skill sets for running a photography-based business so i’ve got kind of a couple of facets now.

if you do another one where this blog is about kind of like an awesome gallery call it like inspiration blog so now this gets like just a ton of traffic in here so it’s kind of like a traffic hit, that traffic i can move into tutorials or to equipment depending on what people need so i’ve got kind of like another facet and then now what i could do is kind of another thing where it could be more like a magazine or it could be like a product based type of thing or courses or digital guide, it could be more like templates as well or things like that uh plugins action scripts that kind of stuff, so ay the end what you’re starting to see and notice is you got kind of four blogs working together to make a business.

So this is kind of the goal is to have the business behind it and together they’re kind of working as this single organism kind of this single blog they’re working as this network and that’s what people don’t get is they kind of what they do is they might start a tutorial blog and that tutorial blog fails and it’s like doesn’t work and maybe it does fail but you could have started then try another one start with the gallery and inspiration maybe that’s what’s giving you a traffic driver and then you can move people to the tutorial site later and they all played like that together, then maybe people that are interested in you know equipment or you could have started here or then later.

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