Top Reason Why New Blogger Fails in Blogging 2021?

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If you are thinking of starting a new blog or if you are beginning stage of blogging then this article can be very useful to you where i am going to share some of the most common reason new blogger fail in blogging. This article help you to understand the issue new blogger might face at the beginning and knowing all of this will help you to not make the same mistakes and successful in your blogging.

I am going to share some of the comma reason why might new blogger fails this all might not apply to you however this article still can be helpful for you if you are thinking of star a new blog, doesn’t really matter which topic your blog will be this article still can be helpful.

1. Lack of motivation

When we start a new blog first few days and weeks we post article with full enthusiasm however over time when we see the article not ranking at the top or not driving any visitors to out website we start to lose motivation of doing the work. This effect on being consistent on the work when we take things negatively and not getting any result from our work we start to not doing the work as before used to do which means over time you stop working on the blog this lead to becoming unsuccessful on the things we could success, if we work on it more with being constantly in right way.

2. Perfection

At the beginning stage of blogging we start compare our work with other workers whom might be longer then us, which lead doubt the work we are doing. This decrease our motivation of doing the work when things are not perfect or high standard, creating something high quality is important as term of ranking, presenting the work and in general however we can’t not be perfect when we start something new. Which means if you are new at blogging don’t compare your work all the times with other, learn from others works and try to improve don’t stuck with it being perfect.

3. Competition

If you are new to blogging then at one point you will feel like lot of commenting, which might be right depend on your blog category but this doesn’t mean you can not grow your blog. If you are writing about something lost of people doing then you should understand the difference between each of your competitors what are they thing they doing similar to each other and difference and looking at those you have to figure out how you can use both difference create something unique in different way and if is some topic you are writing then you can see the SEO they are doing which will help you to rank your blog article at the top, which means you will get more traffic and not end up quoting your blog.

4. Quick Traffic Hacks

If you are just started a blog then only think in your mind is getting traffic and writing lost of useful article with SEO, this will rank your post at the top of search results and drive lots of views, but the reality is your post hardly rank at the top if you are just started a blogging. Which lead you to thinking of quick success, buying, visitors, trying different method like sharing post in social media etc, this maybe work for short amount of time you see driving visitors to your blog however in few days time when the search engine robots detect your website getting visitors from only social media and all the ads in your blog was running clicking not from search engine then the ads providing company close your account which means you won’t make prophet from your blog. If you are really want to work for long term then you shouldn’t do anything like this and you should always try to get visitors directly from search engine.

5. Wrong Niche

Why did you started your blog, Did you start looking at someone else, Did you start because someone was making good prophet you wanna do the same that’s why, is this because you are really passionate about this topic or is this because you are interested? Doing hard work is important but you are doing hard work but end of the you are not appreciating or not really interested on what you are doing is then over time you will quit doing whatever you are doing. Some with the blogging lost of use start blogging looking at other where we should do what we are interested on not what other doing. If you are new to blogging and you think you are not really passionate or interested about the topic are writing about then try something different that you are interested on and have knowledge on that particular topic, which will help you to be a successful build a career on blogging.

Hope this was article was helpful for you, if you have any questions regarding this article then do let us know in the comments section below also tell us what was your biggest challenge your overcomes in your blogging and if you are new to blogging then, we wish you good luck.

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