The Truth About Affiliate Program On Blogging in 2021

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if you’re running a blog you probably are thinking hey! i’m going to first make money from ads then i’m going to do some affiliate income and that’s probably where i’m going to make a majority of my money however the truth is there’s a big issue behind that most people don’t get how all things might not work as we mostly planned.

So in either case as far as blogging goes they really just don’t understand that there’s a big issue and problem and the big issues is that number one when somebody clicks your link your affiliate link they are gone the customer is gone that’s it they’re gone more than likely they’re not coming back unless they’re reading your website multiple times and so on and number two you can’t sell them a second time so that are those are the two big issues and problems and that’s why you really want to hone in and focus on creating your own products.

Creating your own products takes a little more time more effort you’ve got to do the sales and it’s just more expensive in terms of labor hours or maybe you’ve got to hire someone to do some editing and that kind of thing it takes time energy effort much more so than just putting up a link but it’s much more rewarding and that’s for sure.

Over time if you have your own products you can build a customer you can build the relationship you get to keep that customer and you can continue to sell to them a second or third or fourth or fifth time and keep building that relationship further and deeper as you go and that’s why you should not just thinking of creating a affiliates links but build a own business and liking with your article.

if you do run an affiliate website or if you do run an affiliate in business understand you still want to capture the lead the data the email list and build that relationship the live chat whatever it is that you’re doing, so that way you can continue to reach out to those people further as you post new blogs new content new articles or at least you have to continue to getting those people exposed to your content, which means you will get more reading time, if someone staying in your article or blog.

once that customer is kind of clicking these affiliate links they’re probably gone you’re in fact your main goal and mission of that website is probably to pull traffic away from facebook, let’s say get them to your own blog and website and then from your website actually go to your affiliates so you’re just a middleman.

i hope you learned quite a bit from this article it’s not to say that affiliates marketing is bad a lot of people make great money on it but just understand and be aware that you know you’re pushing people away from your website if it’s more like a tool and that kind of thing, that could also be useful for people but again you’re pushing people away from your website especially if you’re generating income from a review based website where you’re only doing reviews that can be a little bit more problematic.

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