Top Tips to Plan Your Blog Content in 2021

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If you are new blogger or thinking of creating a new blog as part time or if you are already a blogger then this article can be very helpful for you, because today in this article i am going to share with you top tips to plan your blog content, this guide will be help to be more productive on your blog content writing along with i will give you some tips that also save your time as well the effects are you putting.

1. Research and note

The first thing we have to do before writing a article is research that topic and gather all the necessary important information relate to the topic that way the rider can get answer to their queries. While you are reaching you should write notes and the key points as you go along you should also keep in mind what else similar questions answer you could include on to your not. While you are researching and taking note at the same time this will help you to write article faster also you will know the order of writing.

2. Offline Writing

What are you gonna do when you don’t have internet connection or if you are working for a someone else and you currently don’t have access to website dashboard? Which the answer is simple using a note book to write article but do you know which is the best article writing app on smartphone, I personally use google docs and i think is on of the best writing app you can use. Google Docs available for android, IOS, even PC which means you can switch to any where, any time and focus on the writing.

3. Images are matter

When came to SEO images are almost matter as the keyword most of us forget the facts google and other search engine has images search option as well, where people can switch between image and search itself, is very important to create a good images for your website article firstly a attractive images more likely to get more clicks, secondly for images search results something lost of look of a particular images for for example a data graphic, at that time if your website has good date images then mostly likely someone will click on that image to see and from thire your website get visitors. At last if you present your article with multiple images then is more chance of rank in top. Please note more images does not mean your article will rank top however images do help on ranking with proper writing.

4. Video steam platform

We all watch videos everyday some of us watch movies, shows on netflix, amazon prime, other watch documentary, tutorial, gadgets and different types of videos on video platform like youtube. Do you know that you can watch videos and take note at the same time or what if i tell you that you should watch few video on different video platform before actually writing the article. This will give you more confidence on what you are exactly writing about and of course watching multiple videos will give you more knowledge on that particular interest topic.

5. Perfection

When we are start a new blog lost of us goals go be perfect on that field however we forget there isn’t such things as perfect. Some of us learn from our own mistakes where same of us learn from others mistakes. At the beginning of the blogging career you will see your computer article might be ranking on the top search results however the article might not be the best as compere to yours at that time don’t be demotivate and star working less hard. The reason might be not ranking your article because you website is new google search engine not fully understand your website niche which means don’t run on being perfect but try to always be better then before, write better contain then previous one.

Hope this little contain writing guide help you to plan a better article for next time. Let us know in the comments section below what you personally do for writing your blog contain?

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