Top 5 Best Blogging Niche Ideas for Beginners in 2021

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If you are thinking of creating a new blog website but not sure which niches you should start from then this article can be very helpful for you, because today i am going to share with yo top best blog niche ideas/topic that might help you to understand and at the end closing the right topic that you are interested.

1. Tools Website

This niche can be very good if you have knowledge of coding and search engines optimization, a tool website is like service you are providing to people for free, who looking for that particular type of tool. An example of tool website can be text latter counter where people can simply copy and paste any text and it will show the number of text latters and paragraph. If you are wounding how would you make proof if you are giving free service, well the answer to your question is very simple, you can advertise in your website even add affiliated links with help of those generate good monthly income.

2. Coupon code

Have you ever hear about coupon code? If not then no problem a coupon code is a online latter/number code that customer use at the checkout page when something purchasing, using a valid particular code gave the buyer a small amount of discount. Now you know what is a coupon code. If make a coupon code website there are tow main way you can earn money from firstly from advising and secondly whenever someone use your coupon code during buying you will get a amount of commission. Sound good right!

3. Online store

eCommerce store always was a really good passive income source and during this lockdown specially blowing up. e Commerce is a online store where you can sell things, this can be old things you are not need anymore, if you are creating some sort of products, you can provide with a online server. Creating a eCommerce website is not hard task anymore thanks to lost of online store where you can create an account as buyer and sell product. If you want to make a online shopping website then you need knowledge of others things as well, like choosing a right hosting and more.

4. App Review

We all use different types of apps daily some of us watch top best apps video every months, lost of using trying new apps everyday right, what if tell you can start a blog where you can review those app and compare with other similar apps. The concept behind this app review blog is very simple, first you going to use app then download similar apps and start comparison them at the end of article you could say which is the best on that particular topic/category, Lastly you could also write about top best apps on different app category.

5. Transparent Images

If you are a graphic designer or if you have knowledge of graphic design then you must know the facts how graphic designer use lost of transparent images to create final design. Transparent images downloading website can be very high proof niche due to it global demand. The process of creating transparent images is first download a copyright free images with normal background then edit that images and remove it background next upload that in your website. Make sure to use copyright free images also edit the original image, do not re upload the same images.


Hope you found this article useful, you don’t have to start your blog in all of this topic mention above however you can chose a topic that you are interested in and star a blog. Also if don’t like any of these ideas above then still fine you can take inspirational from this topic and came up with own unique ideas. Do let have know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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