5 Most Useful SEO Tips For New Google Blogger In 2021

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If you are new blogger or thinking of star a new blog then must know this 5 useful tips that every blogger should know. This tips will help you to understand what really matter in blogging and what are the things you should avoid as new blogger.

1. Contain is matter

Lost us spend hours and hours on researching keywords, tags, creating backline and other things, which is not wrong however at the same time you have to think of the article you are posting. The main purpose of your contain is some way of providing someone with an knowledge or given a information, which means is important to focus on the contain it self not just only on the keywords. When you are think you have wrote enough for an article and you feel like your article are still short then you should try think of related queries people are searching for or the questions might ask and face problem, include answer to those quotations, another way you can focus on the contain is by add a related contain link, which will also look your article better at the same time helpful for the visitors.

2. Focusing on a niche

When we start beginning at the blogging we think of different topics and ideas to write post at that time we came a cross with different ideas and wrote on those topic but is very important to keep your blog in one niche, let me explain what do a really mean by keeping in one niche. When you start a blog or if you are thinking of starting a new blog first thing you think of what will be your blog about what are you gonna write about right, when you have decide a particular topic that’s your blog gonna be about then you start a new blog, is important to keep blog on that same topic.

3. Thinking of tomorrow

Is hard to came up with a new idea and write unique post however as a new blogger don’t write common topic that are already available out, this because firstly you article not gonna rank which means it will be west of time, secondly you always don’t need to write about same thing that available however if you are think you can do better then what already outside then give a kick, other think in advance and thinks are that upcoming, which people are searching for.

4. SEO is matter

After writing a very good article is going on be west if your article don’t rank, is important to rank your article first so your the knowledge your are proving as article format goes to the right people or who are looking for those queries. At the start of blogging lost of us ignore the facts we have spend time on keyword researching specially when you are starting a fresh brand new blog. So next time when you write an article make sure do search engine optimization along with it.

5. Website Design

You are might thinking why i am talking about website design? Website design nothing to do with SEO? While website design is very important specially for raking pages even index your article in different search engine. If your website design is bad then and not mobile user friendly then very much chance that your article won’t rank. At last make sure you are using a good mobile friendly, SEO ready theme/template for your website.

This are was some of things as new blogger you should remember, we hope you find this article useful, if you have any suggestion then do let us know in the comment section below, until then keep reading 🙂

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