6 Best Chrome Extensions for Web Designers (2021)

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If you are a web designer and looking for some of the best google chrome extensions then, you came to the right. Today in this article i am going to share with you six useful google chrome extensions. All of those extensions are fee to download, with help of this chrome extensions you can do your work more faster which means if will save your time and you can focus on your other things. Some of those extensions also useful for graphic designers.

Please Note – All the chrome extensions that are i am going to share with you in this post are according to us, use preference, that we think it will be very useful for specially if you are a web designer. This article all the EXTENSIONS ARE NOT SPONSOR.

1. ColorPicker

Colors Picker one of those chrome extensions, you can’t miss, with help of colors picker you can simply find out any colors code. The use process simply very simple just add colors picker as chrome extensions then whenever you are on any web page just, click on the extensions and hover over whatever colors you need and it will instantly give you the hexadecimal for that colors. Lastly those of you are graphic designer, can be very useful chrome extensions for you as well.

2. Whatfont

As the name What Fonts, is a instantly fonts name finder. Sometime we came a cross with a fonts on a side that we really curious to know the name of the fonts used and here come to What Fonts which allow you to find any web page fonts. If some reason can’t find the exact fonts name then it will show you the similar fonts, even if recognize the exact font and you would like to know more similar types of fonts then this chrome extensions will show you that as well, with help of this What Fonts extensions you can easily find any web page fonts name.

3. Show Me The Styles

When we visit a website we see lost for different things, start from icons, images, creative style and other things, but if you want download any website images that was used as icons and not allow to share the only way can be take that icon by screenshot, which will lose the quality and overall it will not look as it would downloading as picture formate. However with little helpful of Show Me The Styles you can actually download all icon and images on a single page.

4. BuiltWith

Have you ever wonder, how this website was built, what are the things, platform used to build this website, what CMC management this was build in? If yes then with help of this Build With google chrome extensions, you can find, in what the website was build in. For example lost of use know about Google Blogspot, Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, WordPress, but this are popular or in your case this are very easy to use, but if you want know in what platform a website was build in then you can use this chrome extensions.

5. Mobile Browser Emulator

If you are web designer then you know how important to keep website visual nice as desktop and better size across all devices, like tables, smartphone and other. We design website on our computer right! and to see how our design will look across different device, you can use Mobile Browser Emulator chrome extension, with help of that we can see how a website home page, pages and everything else, would look like on different device. Is important to know how our website look across different device so we can optimize and give right look with super fast speed.

6. Ruler

If are very strict about your web design and care about very little things, then this Ruler google chrome extensions specially for you. Ruler is very useful chrome extensions with help of that we can see the little details of website design, the extensions will show the height and width of every little thing on the web page. We can use this extensions and understand more on the size of many different things on the website and apply those size on out own website.

This are was some of the google chrome extensions that you can use if you are a web designer. This chrome extensions also will be helpful for graphic designer. If you are a designer and have any other useful chrome extensions you use then don’t forget to share with use in the comment section below.

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