5 Tips to Get More Views on YouTube Shorts Videos in 2021

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If you are excited like me about the new youtube shorts videos feature, and want to start making short videos and grow your youtube shorts video channel or if you already have a channel, where you are uploading short videos and want to rank, increase, views but not really sure how? Then this article can be helpful for you, where i am going to share with you some of the tips to increase your youtube shorts videos views and get more recommend.

1. Follow a Category

Chose a single category and follow that, make videos only one that category, if you are uploading multiple types of video on one channel then your video less likely to recommend to other people, due to youtube algorithm. If you are make youtube video in one single category then for youtube algorithm it will be easy to understand, what exactly your channel about which, create more chance of your video getting more recommend on the same category videos.

2. Follow Your Trends or Be One

Now you have chosen a category! But if you are not sure about what videos to make on that topic and want to know what is the trending things on your topic, then you can know this simply watching other youtube shorts videos are same category. Do not copy exactly how other videos are but get inspiration from the trends and other videos and go creative and make something more interesting to watch. Lastly if you don’t find anything trending on a particular category or topic then be the one, who knows what happened, just have go and create something that you think would be interesting to watch.

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3. Audience Retention

If you are making boring types of videos for example, just talking to the camera without adding background music, text animation or anything interesting that interesting, informative to watch then the chances are people won’t your watch video full and leave beginning of the video. This will give a negative massage to youtube algorithm, which will think because lost of people not watching your video complete, and your youtube short video end up with less views and not getting enough viewer’s due to less recommendations.

4. The Right Title

Choosing the right title is one of the most important, that’s because you can not add any thumbnail on your videos, most of shorts youtube videos people click by reading the title, so make sure your chose the most interesting title that viewer’s are attractive to watch. Lastly remember to make your video interesting, you can not chose any thumbnail so is important to show something interesting.

5. Hashtags

Use Hashtags is very important as well, sometimes we forget to add the #shorts hashtags, but I will suggest you to use multiple hashtags. For example if are making video about a particular topic like gadget, tutorial, facts then try to add gadgets name as hashtags. This will help if someone searching using the gadgets, then after few minutes later youtube algorithm will recommend all the videos that had hashtags gadgets, so if you have used that hashtags, the chance are you are videos showing on the homepage as shorts videos section, which also create more chance to recommend your videos to others.


This are was someone the tips that you can follow to increase your youtube shorts video by rankings, getting more recommend, and home page suggestion. All the tips i have share with you are work if you are constantly working on your channel, please don’t lose your hope if you are not getting enough views, try to look for the reason why you are not getting views, and when you got the reason work on it. If you have any question reading youtube shorts, let us know in the comments section below. Good Luck with your youtube shorts videos 🙂

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