Top 5 Tips to Edit Videos Faster on your Smartphone

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Those of you editing your video smartphone and want to know how you can speed up your video editing process then keep reading this article until end, because today in this article i am going to share top five video editing tips that will help you to speed up your video editing process. If you are editing your videos on the computer then this article still can be helpful for you as well, because is not about what are you using, is more on how you are using and this article can be help for you.

1. Before starting editing

Before you even start with the edit, you should plan exactly which shots you need to capture and how they are going to work next to each other write a script a shot list or a storyboard, here are the differences a script defines the overall structure of a video and includes all the text passages which appear in the talking scenes or in the voice over. A shot list defines shot by shot what exactly needs to be captured in order to tell the script to its full potential, which is super helpful for both shooting and editing in a storyboard you visually, you should draft the compositions of each shot so that everybody has a clear understanding of what it should look like

Why is short list is important?

Short list can can be helpful if you work with other people who might not be able to imagine specific shots it makes an incredible difference if you have an overall outline of what the video should look like instead of starting with the, edit and trying to build up a good story from some random shots.

2. Avoid Distraction

Okay so this one is a pretty simple one get rid of anything that could distract you, in your editing flow try to find a room. Where you are just by yourself or if you work in a shared office or at home with other people, buy yourself some noise cancelling or over ear headphones will help you from distraction you should turn your phone into airplane mode and put it somewhere where you can’t reach it.

I believe is it’s better to just put your phone upside down at the end of the table so that you don’t look at it every time you get a notification on and make sure you have close any computer programs which could possibly distract you like, WhatsApp, email and other.

Why focusing is important?

High focus is super important if you want to edit efficiently if you manage to drown out all the outside distractions you will be able to quickly get into a mental state called flow, where you reach the peak of your concentration and productivity it feels like some kind of tunnel vision and your edit just flows instead of being disrupted all the time so build up a discipline and get rid of any distractions.

3. Creat Folder

If you are working on many different project then it will be hard to get done everything together, even if you are working on a single project then to speed up your editing is very important to organize your project files all the video clips you gonna use for that particular final video. I recommend you to create a folder for one project on that folder create other folder like images, videos, elements and other things you gonna use for that single video that way when you are editing your exactly know what are you doing and if you need anything you right way know where to have look.

4. Premade presets

If you have lost of different footage in a different environment or different lighting then you should create and use premade presets that have made it before in your previous project, also you can create presets for different lighting conditions and environment, this was you use those presets and adjust little, finally get an good job.

5. Timing

If you are working on a big project or something new that can be creating an animation video or editing in a different way then normally, then that’s okay to take long time. If you are trying something new don’t give up, just because is taking long time, if you are keep focusing on the time then you won’t able to focus on the actual work, so is important to be focus on the work and give your best, remember is okay to be take long time, be positive and work on your way, in your own flow.


As you have read there are numbers of things you can do to speed up your video editing. Don’t for get use a good video editing app that don’t lag or take long time to export, this way you can save more time and do other things that more important. I hope this tips was helpful for you, let us know what you do for speed up your video editing!

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