5 Most Common Mistakes Made By New Graphic Designers!

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The common graphic design mistakes and how to avoid them. If you are a beginner graphic designer or thinking of getting start with graphic design, then this article can be helpful for you. Starting new at graphic design can be overwhelming and make many mistakes, but if you avoid this common mistakes and figure out what’s wrong with your design then it can be fixed easily.

1. Not keeping space

When we are start new graphic design, most of us think that we have to design a lot one a single picture and not leave any space, which is not exactly what you have to do. If you are new design then you should try to keep as simple as creative way instead of just trying to fill up with all different fonts, text colors and other things, you should keep it simple to get started and then move on to advance design, at that time you can do different types of designing. However this dependence on what types of graphic design you do, so make sure keep it space if is need to be.

2. Using same fonts

Have you ever fell like you want to design something but you are not really sure about the fonts that are you going to use. So you end up using same fonts on the same picture more then once just reducing the size of the fonts. Which is not always right, if you are design simple poster that the only goal is to read people clearly then that’s okay to use same fonts reducing the fonts size, if need. However you should try using different types of fonts for a single poster, that will look more eye-catching which some one reading, because we all don’t like same fonts, using multiple fonts on the single design look much better and attractive.

3. Using Stock Images

Stock images can be a useful and moderate arrangement when you’re dealing with a task that requires explicit images. Nonetheless, utilizing too many stock photographs can make your task look modest or amateurish. Numerous normal stock photographs become utilized again and again which makes it an obvious hint when you put them in your showcasing piece. Additionally, ensure you are appropriately buying the photographs you do wind up utilizing to try not to convey photographs with a watermark or ones that are low quality

4. Wrong Hierarchy

Just like other things above, in graphic design, hierarchy is the way a piece your design all together, hierarchy also came under creativity that’s because, if you have all the materials but you are not sure how to put together to look nice or you are not even sure how and what to put where, which you end up with bad hierarchy, not ordering in nice way. If you are new to graphic design then you should practice a lot in different order that way you will get an idea of different order also when you are designing something next time similar or related you exactly know where to put and how is gonna look, which will not only make better design also save your times.

5. Wrong Pricing

Now you have follow all the above tips and avoid all sort of mistakes now time for selling your design, but wait do you know what price should your design? Well is depend on your design, every design had different price, every design is unique has meaning behind it. You should leave your price that you are deserve, the price your design deserve, I suggest you to look other designers and also yourself what price should be much design and ask the reason why you keep that price, if you are beginner at graphic design and your customer know that then the chance are, the person not gonna pay you more due to the limit and if you have less work experience, but the key points is understanding the markets.


I hope this tips was helpful for you and from now you would not make this types of mistakes, if you have already made those of you are think you haven’t made any of those mistakes above, then let us know what mistakes did you made and how did you over came it? Until then know reading.

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