Do Travel Videos Have to Tell a Story in 2021?

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This is something we’ve all heard 1000000 times specially for travel videos to no matter what you create or how good it is absolutely meaningless if it doesn’t tell a story I just don’t agree with that.

let me explain you what I mean.

I mean that’s not bad advice right like you can’t expect to make an impact by making a video that’s nothing more than beautiful shots and don’t ask anything that’s like making food that looks pretty but has no actual flavor but the issue is that at the same time many of our favourite videos and many of the most meaningful videos don’t actually tell a story there’s no linear progression of events throughout the video but there’s more to them than just nice visuals and that’s the concept the idea behind the.

The Real Concept

The concept is the key word of this video simply put it’s the point of your project what it’s about in the idea behind it and that can be a story but it could be other things too the concept would be a unique visual style or the use of certain every year to create a video it could be a unique spin on a pre existing idea. The concept of putting a twist on already existing ideas something we’re seeing a lot of lately and walked out of people creating these interesting little videos and photos doing things that they would normally do in the outdoors inside their homes like camping in their home and many different types.

What actually happened?

Lot of the time having a solid concept behind your video actually makes the process a lot faster and easier because it guides you through your creative decisions so for example, say you want new york city and lived for few months now everything you did on that city you have taken as video. This not a story telling however if you edit all the footage in a creative way then it will be a concept video more then story telling which also fine, you always don’t needs story to tell something.

So creating a video is essentially the what the concept is the why and that concept guides you through, is import to have a concept not only a story telling. We can tell story by many different ways for example with the text animation even normal visual with music sync. Is good to have a story behind every blog but doesn’t mean you have to tell a Story.


I think concept and story are ultimately the intention behind your film and that’s what should really be king when you’re making something that’s the absolutely indispensable factor of a great project is the intention behind it, so next time you start working on a new video or film ask yourself why you’re doing it and then let that tell you how to do it.

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