3 Amazing Kinemaster Video Editing app Features

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Those of you edit video on there smartphone then you might know about one of the most popular video editing app call kinemaster, well today in this article i am going to share with you some of the hidden, amazing kinemaster video editing features that you might don’t know about it, excited? Let’s get started.

1. Unlimited Video Layer

If you are editing video on kinemaster for long time and have trying addition multiple videos in same frame, another way to understand during editing we use different clips in single frame, on top of each other for example if you are editing a youtube video then you might use, subscribe animation button, social media button on top of your videos. In kinemaster you can actually add multiple video layer just by enabling a future from settings, this available for free user and paid user as well.

Go to settings in kinemaster video editing app, then scroll down you will see a option call advance and experiment settings hit on it now on here you will see a option call unlimited video layer mode if you don’t see at the top than just scroll little bit down, when you have find this option then just enable it, for addition multiple video layer for your next project.

Enable unlimited layer

Please Note – This features is an advance and experiment which means if you are using low budget device then this features might not work, also you can use this features for your upcoming project not the project you have already made. If you are facing any issues then just disabled this option.

2. Export Video In 4K

Back in the day we used to think making 4k videos or editing a 4k videos we need a invest lost of money on a computer, video editing software and more. But nowadays with little help of our smartphone we can shoot 4k videos, but how to edit 4k videos? Well! We can use kinemaster video editing app to not only edit 4K videos but it can actually export 4K videos depend on what phone you are using, to check due your phone kinemaster support 4k or not, you have to go settings option in kinemaster device capability information on here you will see your device sharing, editing, video layer and other information including peak codec performance. If you phone support 4K edit & share then you can simply edit any 4K videos and export without any issues. In this case as you can see my phone support up to 1080p editing and sharing, you can simply check.

Can I export my 720p or 1080p to 4K?

Yes, but no point. you can export into 4K If you have 4K exporting supported however it won’t make any difference if you are exporting your low quality video into higher resolution.

3. Import 240fps & Export 60fps

Do you know that with help of your smartphone you can actually export your video editing in 60fps along with that you can import up to 240fps videos in your video editing project using kinemaster! Yes is possible, but this feature might not work in all device due to use to much ram, however you can have go and see it work on your phone, as number one features we have enable unlimited video layer option, on that section you will see tow option Allow export frame rate up to 60fps and Allow import frame rate up to 240fps if you have noticed this already then great if not then just go to advance and experiment settings, you can any of those features without any cost.


This are was some of the amazing kinemaster video editing app features hope you have discovered something new from this article, let me know if you know any other amazing features. Until then keep reading.

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