Youtube Thumbnail Color Grading with Snapseed App

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If you are designing your youtube video thumbnails with your smartphone then is very important to color grading your thumbnail to give an extra attractive look, today in this post i am going to share with you how you can color grad your thumbnail using snapseed application.

Snapseed application downloading?

if you are a Android user than you can download snapseed application from the google play store and iOS user can be download from app store. Both for Android and iOS user snapseed application is completely free of cost, which means you don’t have to pay for this app. Also note that we are not gonna use any paid feature of snapseed app for this colour grading.

What is colour thumbnail grading?

Colour grading is way of colouring your image, video in this case images. Another way of define colour grading is process of improving the colour appear on the images. For example say you have taken a picture in low light environment now to make that picture brighter you can colour grad and add exposer and etc.. depending on your images.

First design your thumbnail. You can design your thumbnail on snapseed app however our previous article we have show you how to design youtube thumbnail using pixellab, today we are gonna use that thumbnail. Also this article mainly focus on thumbnail color grading. If you want to learn how to design thumbnail on your smartphone then please read the article given below.

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Time for colour grading

Firstly, add your design to snapseed app and now you will see premade presets given below for free to use you can use this presets for free, i personally think every presets given in this app is very useful depending on the image. You can try all of this presets and chose the perfect one for your design.

Manual Edit:

If you don’t want to use those presets or this presets not perfect for you then you can edit one by one just by going to the edit section, where you will find all the necessary things you are need got editing a picture, design.

Thumbnail color grading tips:

1. Don’t make it too bright – someone of thing bright thumbnail is more eye-catching but that’s always not true, if you want to make your thumbnail look attractive then you should keep it simple that’s because you are not making one thumbnail if you are running youtube channel then you have to make multiple thumbnail which means some of thumbnail shoot would be in low key light which will help you to keep your design all in order.

2. Keep it same – if you are running youtube channel or business then one of the most important thing is keeping it as brand style, keeping it your own brand style. In this case you should keep your fonts in thumbnail same that way you all of your videos thumbnail will stand out as compere to who are using different fonts for every thumbnail, which also don’t look clean.

3. Using the right color – No matter what fonts your are using it you want to make your thumbnail stand out with your channel then you should keep it as a brand color, don’t chose any short of color that not attractive, keep a simple bright side color like oragne and black, choosing right color is important for reganize that is your channel.

4. Keep it short – If you are designing your thumbnail with all the effects but if you are using full of writing text then public will not read that, always try to keep it short and try to use png icons or animation icons which will help view yo understand what is your video about before actually reading the title or thumbnail text, this way more likely to click on your video.


Here was some of thumbnail editing tips along with that i told you, how you can use free snapseed app presets and color grad your thumbnail under five minutes. Hope this article was helpful for you let me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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