How to Add Custom Fonts in Pixellab

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If you are a graphic designer or when we look at any poster design or normal types of design after the visual design we look at fonts, fonts bright attention to us, which means if you are designing something even editing a video, the fonts are you using in your project work doest matter.

What is pixellab?

Pixellab is Android photo editing app that was created mostly focus on graphic design, the have has over 50+M download on google play store with 4.5 start rating. Unfortunately the app is not available got iOS it only available for Android user, you can download pixellab app from google play store.

What’s the problem?

If you are smartphone user and don’t have an computer or then you have using your smartphone for your all designing work right! You are probably using different application to design however the main problem with those application you are using like pixellab, they only have limited number of fonts that you can use, which sometimes hard for use, if you like a fonts on a poster but unfortunately the fonts not included on that app then can be hard to design the way you want to design.

Solution to the problem?

If you are board with using some fonts again and again that came with your photos editor then good news for you today in this article i am going to share with you how you can add a custom fonts to your pixellab app, which means you can add difference fonts from internet side.

Why apps comes with limited fonts?

Well, when came to creating a app there are numerous of things matter for example the size of the application if the size of the application is bit then it will take more space to download even it take more ram to use that app which means if you are making a app bigger size then the app only can use high end movie device otherwise it will not work on low budget device due to very less ram and storage that’s why app company only give you limited fonts, addition more fonts increase size of the application.

How to download fonts for pixellab?

The first thing we have to do is download fonts for pixellab that is free to download and free to use, for downloading fonts you can use different website like, and other free fonts provider side or simply if you know any name of the fonts then search that fonts name to for example your fonts name download.

How to extract fonts?

After you have download the fonts you have might noticed that the fonts you have download is on zip files, that’s because sometime on the fonts file you will find documentation of that fonts, other than some fonts are has fronts family which means the fonts created as different size and shapes. To extract the zip file you can use any zip file extractor app or if you have inbuilt zip file extractor on your phone then simply tap and hold, then tap on the three dots on the side and hit extract to extract the fonts file.

How to add on pixellab app?

Now we got solid fonts just waiting for to add. Open pixellab app go to fonts section and my fonts, hit folder icon on the left hand side, now go where you have extract your fonts after download, lastly tap on the add directory to add font in pixellab app, now your fonts has successfully added in pixellab app.

Please Note – If you uninstall the pixellab app then all the fonts will be deleted add well however you can add those fonts at any time and do not delete or move fonts from the file manager section of your file it will not work if you move the fonts folder or deleted. If you updated pixellab app from google play store then don’t worry you won’t have any issues everything will work as normal.


In my opinion pixellab is a great app, it has lost of different futures. I hope this post was helpful for you please let use know your thoughts in the comments section below also if you are having issues with adding fonts then don’t forget to comment below. Until then keep reading!

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