How to design Youtube Thumbnail on Android using Pixellab!

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Making a good video and using a bad thumbnail can be very low attractive to your audience, not anymore from today! In this article i am going to give you a complete guide on how to make attractive youtube thumbnail using your smartphone in pixellab app.

Is pixellab app free for iOS and Android?

Yeah. Pixellab app is complete free, you can download from google play store unfortunately the app is not available for iOS user which means if you are iOS user you can not use pixellab app, however this video can be still knowledgeable for you if you are editing thumbnail on Android or iOS. If you are a iOS user then from this video you will get an idea and techniques i am going to use for editing thumbnail then you can apply those on your iOS phone photo editing app.

Note – Today in this article i am going to share with how you can creat simple, attractive, professional looking youtube thumbnail. We are not going to use any short of images, because we gonna use different elements and text for the thumbnail.

Step 1 – Download pixellab app from google play store and one it. When you have opened go to go to third option, you will see Image Size option tap on the images size and chose as youtube thumbnail size which should be 16:9 aspect ration.

Thumbnail size 16:9

Step 2 – Now you have your thumbnail size, now is time got go creative and start designing. Let’s make the background black colour, for that go to colour and chose black colour, if you want to chose different colour then you can however then you have to design your thumbnail in your way on the next part, so I recommend you to chose black colour now and follow this article.

Step 3 – Next we gonna going to creat our main text for this thumbnail, chose your thumbnail text, try to keep short and sweet. if you are making videos about how to make thumbnail, which come under thumbnail editing, then you can chose your thumbnail main text as “Thumbnail Editing”. Now go to fonts section and chose a fonts that you think will look good, i personally like sans serif types fonts, you can chose default fonts available on pixellab app or import a custom fonts in pixellab, in this tutorial i have used akira expanded font.

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Step 4 – Time for choosing our main thumbnail text colour, to chose colour to go colour section and chose a colour, you can add multiple colour by going to gradients section below normal colour, where you can chose multiple colour, but for this tutorial I am going to use normal one colour, to make thumbnail look more attractive make chose a bright colour that is eye catching for example yellow, red, orange etc.. I am going to use orange colour you can chose any colour depend on your preference.

Step 5 – Let’s be creative now and start adding some shape around our text which will look more nice. Go to shapes section and chose a shape you like to add, here you find multiple shapes you can chose any of these shapes and add around your thumbnail, for example am going to chose half circle shape and add on left hand side below, you can chose triangle shapes and add around the thumbnail, just make little bit smaller and change position, you can chose shapes colour depending your main thumbnail text colour, my main thumbnail text colour was orange that’s why i have chose orange you can chose depending the main text colour.


Hope this youtube thumbnail design help you, please let us know if you have any questions regarding this post, until then be creative and keep creating.

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