3 Mistake you are doing while Editing your Videos in Kinemaster!

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If you are editing your videos using smartphone specially if you are using kinemaster application for video editing then this article will he very useful for you, where i am going to share with you 3 Mistake you are doing while Editing your Videos in Kinemaster.

What is kinemaster?

Kinemaster a video editing app that available for Android and iOS user you can download kinemaster app for free however if want to use there all features there offer then you have purchase from of there plan. Today in this article we are not going to use any paid features, so if are interested then, keep reading until end.

Who is this article for?

If you are a beginner video editor or advance at video editing on your smartphone then still this article can be helpful, from this article you will understand some of the mistake you are might doing during your video editing.

1. Not using right fonts

When we watch a video, we observe lost of different things like the editing aspect such us transition, effects and etc.. But one thing we always see is what fonts are using specially at the beginning of the video as title or at the end of videos, not only that we use lost of text between the video. We need to consider as what font should be right for that particular video, is mostly depend on the video topic, for example if you are making normal tutorial video then you can use simple Sans serif, Serif, Fixed width types of fonts where as if you are making Gothic
types then you can use fonts like Medieval, Modern, Celtic, Initials, Various and more. Fonts are depend on the video topic try to keep as simple creative as possible.

2. Not using right background

If you are making Android editing, tutorial types of video and editing that video in kinemaster then at some point you will use background for your video this can be while you are editing. Most of us confuse about what background t9 chose, that’s why you chose background with vignette style which not that great if you look, however you can make that look great with just keep it simple ant adding little bit of blurry to background. You can see an example below.

BG example 1
BG example 2

3. Sounds Effects

Okay let’s say now you have add nice background using right fonts what you can do next? While i think we should add  some sounds effects to our video, if you are using transition between tow plus more videos then you can use sounds effects to that transition. If you are sounds effects than please remember not use overused sounds effects, if nice to using a sounds effects however using to much sounds effects in shirt time can effects bad to normal sounds of that video.

Adding Sounds effects

As you can see i have add sounds effects between the transition, sounds effects depend the transition you are using for example it your video is in fast motion then add some fast sounds effects however if him are using glitch transition then you can use glitch sound effects that will give a life to that video and it will make more realistic sounds, overall it will be more enjoyable to watch video with sounds effects.


If you are editing video on your smartphone using kinemaster and specially those you are making tutorial types of video, then try to keep fonts size small with black background it will give more better look and you can also use white background with black fonts colour it depend how you has it, go creative and you can different style as well.

I hope this article was helpful for you, if you have any questions regarding video editing or you are not sure about something regarding video editing then let us know in the comment section below.

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